Trade Policies

EMSP Group’s trade policies exist to ensure a strong, professional, transparent and successful trade experience between us and our partners and clients. Please find a downloadable form of our full trade policies and our trade procedure below.

Prospective companies and/or individuals wishing to partner with/ enter into business discussions with EMSP Group must initiate an introduction of their legally incorporated firms as a means of establishing a point of contact found via our contact page.

All requests and company introductions coming to us must be delivered from a company email address. Individuals or companies that contact us via personal email (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.) will be required to show proof of identity and a copy of their business registration license, at first instance in order for continued consultation and correspondence.

Jurisdictionally, particular commodities may require specific import and export permits; in such instances, a copy of the relevant documentation will be requested as a part of the due diligence process to ensure a smooth transactory procedure.

*NB Please note, we carry out varying degrees of due-diligence on prospective buyers, suppliers, and consultancy clients throughout the introductory, consultancy and trade process based on jurisdictional requirements and our internal operational mandate.

Please make an enquiries through our contact form linked below for more information on our procedures.