Your Agents of Growth – Bridging the Gap Between Africa and the World.

EMSP Group works globally across developing economies primarily within Africa, with a focus on the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and the East African Community (EAC). Our main aim is to empower regional developing economies and growing markets through global integration and competitiveness, with the goal of increasing their competitive capabilities via access to international markets.

We provide specialist business development, trade, procurement, and operations management expertise. We consult with international, regional, and local companies on trade, expansion models and growth strategies that are suitable for their intended target markets. Due to our understanding of the region and our relationships with many (private and public sector / listed and unlisted) companies, we are also in a unique position to offer expert advice for international businesses wishing to invest or enter prospective/new markets.

We have great respect for the long-term success of our clients and understand that the road to successful results includes mutually beneficial relationships and connections. We offer expert knowledge of our regions and markets. This knowledge of local markets provides our clients with a social and economic context, as well as a business strategy tailored to their needs. We thrive on discovering new ways to ensure that our clients gain the maximum benefits from our expertise. Our objective is to determine the viability of each undertaking and to identify growth opportunities, providing our clients with value-added products and services.

At our core, we are driven by the need to break both inter- and intra-continental barriers, to provide the opportunity for ventures to move beyond structural barriers to access, and on to more beneficial and prosperous interconnected markets.

We can achieve this most effectively through our SADC- and EU-based locations, which enable us to support our customers in navigating the social, cultural, legal and economic barriers that exist in local markets.

By employing local expertise, we provide our clients with a unique insight into the context, culture, regulations, standards, labour laws and working practices in the countries where we work. This ensures that the services we offer are well-balanced and easily accessible, while respecting local cultures and sensitivities.

We have, and continue to build, an extensive Pan-African network. Our industry engagement within numerous sectors is continuously evolving across industries and affords us both a macro and micro perspective on the entire commodities pipeline.


At EMSP Group, we aim to be contributing agents of economic growth within the developing world. We’re redefining global business from a Southern and Eastern African perspective, and in the broader African context.

While facilitating trade and aiding in growth across the region, we aim to play our part in:

  • Providing communications and stakeholder engagement across the natural resources & commodities markets.
  • Guiding investors in local markets, social enterprise & development, energy and environment sectors.
  • Improving the livelihoods of producers, manufacturers, and small- to medium-sized enterprises in the region, while assisting in access to international supply chains.
  • Helping to bridge the gap between the developing world and international markets.


Service Orientated

We strive to surpass our partners’ and clients’ highest expectation by developing strong personal relationships and providing value-added products and services through an empowered, skilled and extremely dedicated team

Operational Excellence

We aim to optimise the use of our resources in order to sustain operational and financial growth, ensuring long-term stability and profitability for our partners and clients.

Accountability & Responsibility

We ensure ethical practices in every area of our operations in order to maintain a stable and trustworthy organisation


We place honesty and fairness firmly at the heart of our professional relationships, as well as promoting ethical practices and transparency in our commitments



We maintain clear and open management processes in our partnerships and in our participation within the commodities industry


We employ a continuous organisational learning approach and a sustainable growth strategy for our clients, partners, and stakeholders.