Core Industries

Metals + Minerals

EMSP Group is involved as a business partner in mining projects and trade cooperatives across Africa and the rest of the developing world and offers a wide variety of services across the value supply chain. Our team is skilled at sourcing a wide variety of metals and minerals across the African continent. Our main activities include the sourcing, procurement of, and trade in metallurgical commodities predominantly for markets in EMEA and Asia


In the gemstones sector, EMSP Group is a business-to-business consultant and brokerage service provider. With experience in sourcing rough and polished stones, our current (though not exclusive) focus is on the sourcing of diamonds, emeralds and tanzanite. We provide connections to expert polishers, grading services, and anything else you need to meet your specifications

Agricultural Services

EMSP Group has a growing partnership with producers of agricultural commodities throughout the developing world. We know what works on the ground, in a local contexts, and so we will never sacrifice our integrity, while pursuing profitability. We believe that all our partners are best served through fair trade and best practices. This is how we create a profitable, and sustainable supply chain for our clients and partners. We bring the best of local agriculture to a worldwide market.