Core Services

Commodity Trade + Procurement

We have been involved in the precious commodity trade since 2015 and have, over the years, developed strategic relationships on the supply side of the transaction chain. EMSP Group’s primary role has been to help our clients procure raw commodities and develop their business. We aim to successfully manage the relationship between our clients and our supply chain.

All the trade houses we partner with are considered small- to medium-sized enterprises. We believe that the development of small and medium scale enterprises plays a significant role in the cultivation of growth and diversification of developing economies through employment creation, social engagement and revenue generation. In doing so we can align our business activities with our core aims and principles while fulfilling our social responsibility objectives.

Consultancy Services

EMSP Group, together with its group of partners and affiliates, offers a wide range of consultancy and contract services to companies and individuals interested in investing within our core industries, both internationally and across the African continent. We assist our clients in the establishment, expansion and management of operations across various fields. Our primary goal consists comprises of guiding our clients towards understanding, assessing and navigating market segments and jurisdictions through customised solutions. Our clients benefit from our commercial, cultural, and contextual know-how in all our operating areas.

Partnering Services

With the advantages of our prime position across the value supply chain we are able to source relevant business partners for our clients, often suggesting and advising on new business opportunities. We leverage our extensive knowledge of the market to help our clients build successful business relationships and partnerships while avoiding many of the pitfalls that are present in any business endeavour.

Wealth & Investment Management

Wealth management, fund creation and mangement, property investments…

Market Analysis & Research

Our lead consultants hold the the expertise to to bridge and expand your link to your customer base

Other Service Sectors